and these things remain

I have no illusions that I can do it all.  So when life gets busy, things get cut.  Life and its demands ebb and flow. There are seasons when I have many hours to call my own (in hindsight, a downright gluttonous amount of hours!), and seasons in which every hour is accounted for.  There are those times in life which you have time and energy for extra stuff, and seasons when you don’t, and both are okay. (I will admit that when my son asked if I was going to make a fall wreath for the front door this year, I simply laughed in response.)

I’m working a lot, traveling most weekends, and feeling a bit weary and uninspired. I’m trying to think about the things that give me joy and life, and figure out ways to do those things so the days don’t become so monotonous.  In all this reflection, I’ve had to admit too that sacrifices and changes will have to be made.

I don’t have the time for long, leisurely coffee dates with a friend…but I do have time to jot down a quick note with words of encouragement and stick it in the mail.

I don’t have time to craft or sew or browse Pinterest looking for something fun to create…but I do have time to take that extra second to organize my work bag or help arrange the trinkets on my daughter’s dresser, and in some small way bring beauty and order to chaos.  I’m working on appreciating the small things.

I don’t have hours to indulge in the newest popular fiction book…but I can savor all the more the still, sweet time in my devotional and in the Word in the mornings before heading out the door.

And then there are those things that always bring joy and lightness to the heart, but in even bigger, weightier ways when life is demanding just about all you have to give.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.  But the greatest of these is love.”

faith:  “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about the things we cannot see.”  The unseen. The unknown. That’s where we’re living. (All of us, whether we recognize it or not.)  And it’s okay.  Because faith.  It’s precious to me. A sweet, comforting mystery.
hope: Hope always excites. Asking “What could be?” and believing it’s a good story you’re living is always good; more so when you’re anxiously awaiting the plot twists to come. God is the hero of this story, always.  And He doesn’t disappoint.
love: A weary heart appreciates kindness so much, doesn’t it? I am well loved. Truly; I always am. But because my soul is feeling a little parched, those acts of kindness are like giving me a glass of water when I’m thirsty.  Thankful for the *people who have shown me kindness.  
*no one fits this description more than my husband.  Daily acts of kindness. I could cry thinking of it. Warm toasty bread with pesto waiting for me when I get home after particularly long work day. What?  Who does that? He’s a keeper that one.  Sorry to brag but sometimes ya gotta.  

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