In summer

Homemade ice cream.
Mornings on the porch with coffee and the dawn song of birds singing.
Visits from family and friends; highly anticipated,  and always better than hoped for.
Floating the river.
Baseball games.
The pool.
Bright nail polish.
Big beach hats.
Georgia awash in green.
Fireflies temping us outside…mosquitoes driving us back in.
Sweet tea in mason jars.
Loud music with the windows down.
Fresh,  sweet tomatoes and fragrant basil from the garden,  devoured with slices of  mozzarella.
My gorgeous kids with tanned legs and golden hair.
Skinned knees and bug bites.
A slower pace,  a lighter heart.
From the time I was a little girl and waited all spring for it to be warm enough to water-ski again, summer has always, always been my favorite. I could go on and on with things big and little that fill my heart in the summer months. These last few months have been hard ones for us (hard is relative of course,  and we are acutely and keenly aware that we have much to be thankful for).  I’m so truly grateful for the timing: that this figurative hard “season” of life has coincided with my literal favorite one. Seeking God and finding Him faithful just comes a little easier to me with the sun warming my face.
As summer threatens to turn to fall, I’m admittedly a little anxious about what our future holds. But I trust He will be there in the turning and changing of the leaves just as He’s there in the easy,  natural comfort of summertime.

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