Life Skills

One day last month or so (I promise, it feels like last month) I was teaching him to count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

And then one day I glanced up and his Dad is teaching him how to manage his new checking account from his phone.

He’s 15 this month, and he has a bank account, and I wanna cry about it.  Moms are sooooo weird.


In other growing up news….look at this 11 year old cutie rocking her new braces! Middle school, here she comes.


Lots of growing up from the mid-kid too but his current feelings are photos are NOPE.  Thirteen year olds. They’re a trip. I’m pretty sure he’s not in hiding for any reason but you just never can tell.



Teaching toddlers stuff about life was fun, and I was pretty good at it.  Teaching teenagers stuff about life is fun too, but I sure stumble around a lot more now. Grateful for every single exchange I get to have with these three.



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