“We are each an island,  but He gives us gifts to use as bridges into each other’s lives. When we lay down our gift,  we walk right over it and straight into another heart.”
-Glennon Doyle Melton/Carry on Warrior

I am grateful for friends and family who with their encouraging words have helped me find my gifts. Those gifts allow me to enter into someone else’s story,  and that’s just about the most precious thing in life.

Those generous words about what they see in me have helped me OWN my gifts,  and I want to use them up.

Here are the things I think act as my bridges:
~ Valuing other people’s stories, and remembering the details

~ Knowing that I am not in competition with anyone. You do your best and I’ll do mine. There is no such thing as Mother of the Year.

~ Connecting other women to each other; knowing intuitively that someone A needs someone B in their lives and trying to foster that connection

~ Words of encouragement.

~ Grace for all Mamas. I want us to win. No matter your “style”,  I am for you. I think we’re all in this together.

What is your gift? How can you build bridges? Our gifts are all so different. Let’s value each other’s gifts; to do so, we have to value our own. I think that if we don’t,  value our own I mean,  we can’t celebrate others. Looking closely at another person’s gifts will just lead to becoming jealous or feeling inferior. I want to celebrate your gift and allow it to be a bridge into my life,  not a place of comparison or envy.

I’ve learned so much watching others operate in their gifts. When I let it,  it HELPS and uplifts me instead of making me feel not enough. I’ve learned about graceful hostessing,  beautiful decorating,  joy in mothering,  unwavering faith in hardships, and perseverance in the daily grind of house and home from watching friends and family do it confidently. I’m so grateful.  I’m not naturally great at any of those things, but I’m a lot better than I once was because of the bridges those friends have built.

“Be confident because you are a child of God.

Be humble because everyone else is too.”

-Glennon Doyle Melton

-I wrote and published this on my phone. sitting outside my son’s CrossFit class…. Realizing that okay,  maybe,  I have a teeny tiny bit of envy and comparison with Crossfit Mamas whose gift is physical perseverance and endurance and amazing arms and tight buns. Whatever. I’m a work in no-comparison-allowed progress.

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