These are few of my favorite things.


Do you have a few things on this earth that you just know will make you feel better? Just a degree or two better than however you were feeling before?  It might take you from ho-hum to happy, or move you from truly sad to just a little melancholy…but you know it will start you headed in the right direction.  Here are a few of mine, in no particular order:

  • Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Re-reading any of the following: Little Women, A Little Princess, Pride and Prejudice
  • Bethel worship videos on YouTube
  • Messaging with my friend Lisa in Germany on those beautiful rare occasions our time zones and free times both align; about once every 3 months
  • Letting my daughter brush and braid my hair
  • Cooking and eating a hearty soup —- the ultimate comfort food  (Here’s one that’s simmering away right now.)
  • Writing a quick letter and affixing a stamp and walking it to the mailbox
  • An afternoon cup of coffee with plenty of half and half
  • Taking my kids for a fountain drink at the gas station
  • A phone call with a family member
  • Scrubbing the kitchen counters, including the crumbs underneath the mixer and toaster
  • Turning up the Pandora Classic Rock station and singing along, air guitar to embarrass kids as it is called for

Thinking about how very few of these things include screen time motivates me to continue to try and decrease the TV/computer/phone time in my life.  (Yes. I get that I am typing this on a computer and you are likely reading it on a phone.  The irony is not wasted on me.)

Small joys.  They are the stuff of a rich, grateful life.  Taking time to pause and appreciate the small gifts that bring me joy make for a happier mama, and happier home.

It’s in all our best interest to keep the fridge stocked with grapefruit.


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