Photo Books: an easy system

I have friends who create lovely printed photo books; a family yearbook of sorts. I love looking through their books (does anyone else love photo albums? If there’s an album on your coffee table I take it as an invitation to pick it up and look through it),  but every time I’d think about getting started on printing a “yearbook” for our family, it just felt completely overwhelming.

So many pics to look through for the year…what to include…what to exclude….

Then I landed on an idea that’s worked out great for us:  Photo books of vacations.  There are some downfalls, because I don’t have printed images of birthdays, holidays, visits from out of town friends…but the ease and manageability of this system makes it worth it for me!

Having printed books of our vacations is a great archive of watching how much the kids grow from summer to summer, and the kids love thumbing through the books all year long.  A great way to keep the fun going and solidify those great memories!

After getting home from vacation, I’m excited to upload pics to Flickr to share with family and friends.  I choose my favorites from the batch and upload them to Shutterfly.  They have easy templates and you can autofill a book if you choose, or create a custom book from scratch.  After I build my book, I save it in my cart until I see that Shutterfly is running a 40 or 50% off deal.

I have also printed books directly from Flickr. The quality of their books is nice, but you can only print one photo per page, so if you want to keep the price point down you’re limited to 20 images.

I have printed from CVS and the price is right and the images are decent, but the cover is not customizable like with Shutterfly and Flickr.

So, that’s my tip for ya! If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of choosing what pics to make into a photobook, try starting with a favorite vacation or trip.  Easy and manageable. Two of my favorite project descriptors.

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