the simple things

It really is the simple things that make life sweet.

My boys caught a bunch of tadpoles in a small creek that runs behind our house.  Those smelly, slimy weird looking little not-quite-frogs sure did take me back to memories of myself at their age.  Me and my friend Amy used to spend hours catching these little guys and putting them in Mason jars.  We never could keep them alive (perhaps because we liked to swirl them around and around in the glass jars and create little “tadpole tornadoes”) but we caught them by what felt like the hundreds.  Our tadpole catching locale was a small waterfall area at the end of my Grandparent’s cove where they lived at the lake.  The flat rock area at the top of the “waterfall” (about a 3 ft drop off with a teeny stream) had lots of shallow areas perfect for tadpole catching.

Unlike Amy and I, my boys could come home and Googled “How to raise tadpoles.”
Apparently they like lettuce.
I have my doubts.

Amy and I were at that great age where we could simultaneously catch tadpoles, get into mud-flinging wars, and also talk about what boys at school were cute. Right on the cusp of adolescence. What a great time.

I try to remember that it’s these memories that invoke the most nostalgia and gratefulness in me as an adult.  It doesn’t take a lot to give my kiddos these kind of experiences. Forcing them off the TV and electronic devices and pushing them out the door was all it took for them to become tadpole-hunters.

I don’t know where our family will land next, but I’m hopeful we’re in a place where we still have room for my kids to roam, and maybe a creek for catching critters.

One response to “the simple things”

  1. Have fond memories from your grandparents lake house with the tadpole tornadoes and mud fights. Love that your kids are getting to experience such timeless summertime fun.


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