Bird Nest Necklace

How cute is this “Mama Bird” nest necklace, with three little eggs for my three little birdies?!?

And, of course, I saw the tutorial for making this precious pendant on Pinterest. (I have never made jewelry unless you count braided friendship bracelets in sixth grade, but this was a quick, easy project.)
I made a necklace for my friend Danielle too. I’m quite sure when I give it to her the first thing she’ll say is, “Oh! I saw this on Pinterest!”  Pinterest, making it impossible to pretend as though you’re creative all on your own without the aid of the internet!  
I adore it.  


  1. wait! is that the one you made? if so, kudos! you sure are making good use of your all3kidsinschool time! your friend tina has 3 kids too. just saying.


  2. Yes! That’s the one I made! I was kind of impressed with myself.And the kids were home after school for this project, but I just stuck them in front of the TV. Jonathan is out of town so I can get away with that stuff. 🙂


  3. Love this! I saw it on Ann VosKamp’s blog – she was giving some away to go with her 1000 Gifts book and had the tutorial link. Yay! Glad to know it wasn’t hard. I was thinking about making some for gifts but was sorta worried ’cause I’m waaay craft impaired. 🙂 Hahaha – cracking up about the TV comment! 😉


  4. Valerie – You can TOTALLY make this necklace. If you have trouble I will help you but I really, really, don’t think you will. Got all the supplies at Wal-Mart for less than $10 bucks, and you could get 2, maybe 3 necklaces out of that.Thx for the pic comment and for noticing! I just put those up tonight, along with links to different categories. I’m kinda tired of my blog look so I was tweaking while staying within the confines of my VERY limited blog design knowledge. 🙂 Do you know Andy West from church? Alan and Amy’s son? He took the pics. Here’s a link to more pics he took of us. He was great! here’s a link to his blog:


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