tis the season of gift-giving

If you like to give homemade treats and gifts at Christmastime, but struggle to control your own calorie intake when making all those many delicious baked goods (as I raise my own hand high in the sky and wave it madly), then here’s another hand made gift option for ya!  I sewed up a bunch of these rice-filled, lavender-scented hold/cold packs this year:

I started out making sectioned ones as seen on Pinterest here, then realized I was running out of time for this project (and I was growing tired of the constant yet lovely smell of lavender permeating our house) so I switched to the much quicker square version.  (Can I also just admit here, to my horror, that I misspelled lavender on EVERY SINGLE GIFT TAG?  Oh the shame.  It’s hard for me to even post the photographic proof of that guffaw.) 
It’s not too late to make up a few of these if you’re still on the hunt for last minute gifts!
The kids and I did bake up a few treats for the immediate neighbors…and as feared I lost all self control and joined the kids in continually sampling our work.  So much that it makes me a little sick to even look at these treats – I can go a long, long time without eating another MandM cookie.  When will I learn?!?

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