How to Remove Crayon from Clothing

Last Friday, right before we left home to visit Oklahoma for a week, a good part of Lauryn’s wardrobe got washed and dried with a blue crayon.  We were trying to get out the door and get the kids picked up from school and get on the road for the 8 hour trip…so instead of dealing with it, I left the crayon-defiled-clothes in a big pile to be dealt with when we got home.  

This was not the first time a crayon has made it’s way into my dryer (I know, I know….I’m a slow learner). The last time it happened, I attacked each individual stain with a toothbrush and Dawn soap.  I got most of the stains out that way, but it was a long, tear-inducing process. This time, I posted my crayon woes on facebook and my friend Jennifer shared the the following “recipe”:

1 cup of borax
1 cup of oxi clean
1 cup of white vinegar
1 cup of shout

Add all ingredients to warm water in the sink.  Add the clothes and soak for 3 hours.

This worked really well.  It lifted the crayon (which was generic and not washable by the way) right out of all the clothing that had any polyester or acrylic, and right out of the loosely woven cottons like sweaters.  The things that were 100% cotton and tightly woven (t-shirts) still had a little bit of staining, but most of it came out on a heavy duty wash cycle.

On a side note, I also threw in a pair of grass stained blue jeans, and it lightened the staining considerably.

So.  The lesson is, CHECK YOUR KIDS POCKETS AND DON’T LET CRAYONS IN THE DRYER.  But if you are slow to learn that lesson like I am, give this a try.


  1. After you soaked them for 3 hours. Did you rinse, or ring out or did you put it straight into the wash?


  2. Approximately how many gallons of water does your sink hold? We have a large tub sink in the garage, which is why I ask.


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