All the cute DIY wreaths on Pinterest inspired my friends and I to have a wreath-making party!  Jonathan was out of town this week, so I hosted our crafty evening here at the house, and we coffee-ed and talked and wreath-ed until the wee hours.  Good times.

I have amazing friends.  I remember a time not so long ago when I was longing for just ONE true friend I could be real with (and who would return the favor), and now I’m blessed with many.  God has lavished me with His love in the form of these girls.  (Not to mention other ladies that may not meet me for coffee every week, but connect with me at church and in other ways.  Grateful.)


For the wreath form, I bought foam pipe insulation as seen here, and I used fabric from a stash given to me by my Grandma.  Grand total of my homespun, slightly Grandma-ish wreath:  $1.26

Wondering what DIY project I can foist upon my friends next….

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