Goodwill Sewing Table: Before and After!

We now have a sewing table and crafting corner in our bedroom! (I say “we” because my husband is of course free to use my girly yellow and blue desk anytime he cares to.  Which will likely be never.)

(I have to preface these pictures with my annoyance that the camera on my iPhone is the best camera in my possession at the moment. My lovely little beautified table did not photograph very well at all.  Boo.  But it’s super, super cute in real life.)

Before, in the corner at Goodwill with a $20 price tag:

And before at home, being used for it’s intended purpose but still ugly:
So my friend Jennifer acted as my crafting Yoda, going with me to Lowes to show me the right kinda paint to buy for this laminate monstrosity.  (Valspar brand, with primer. Only took two coats using a small roller and brush, and it worked perfectly!  Anytime I’ve tried to paint laminate in the past it’s peeled off, but the Valspar with primer is amazing.)  We painted it white and decided to adhere a patchwork of scrapbook paper to the top.  Here it is in mid-beautification:
Once the paper was adhered, I stretched a piece of vinyl over the top to make a more durable workspace.  I also made a coordinating sewing machine cover, and recovered/painted an old lamp.  From ugly to pretty and fun for around 50 bucks.  I love it.
My friend Jennifer went all out and pretty-fied the storage area underneath by modge-podging the shelves with paper.  Lovely.  And something I never would have bothered with on my own, so it’s an extra special bonus:
Yay!  And if you’re ever at my home, expect me to bring you in and show you this beauty in real life.  The pictures just don’t fully bring it’s cheerfulness to life! 


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